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The Rose Effect

I'll admit I love Strictly Come Dancing, okay I have got that off my chest. It got even better this year, when we faced another...

Knit or Nit Wits

I encountered my first disability hearing loss unawareness nit wits this week in a Shetland Lace Knitting class that I signed up to...

Bubble Wrapped

I am tempted to go on Dragon Den with a new invention. What I hear you cry.......... I need a suit made of bubble wrap. Last year, I...

Boogie Nights

No ....... not the song by Heatwave but my new toy to help with masks and communication. But - why oh why do I keep singing the song in...

Oh Bother Says Pooh

When you get your new hearing aids. It is starting like you have never experienced before.... You realise what you have missed. So I...

Whooooh Hear We Go

I first started to notice my hearing wasn't up to scratch after a virus ten years ago. The little old virus nearly killed me and tried...

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A blog about happiness and hearing loss

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