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Boogie Nights

No ....... not the song by Heatwave but my new toy to help with masks and communication. But - why oh why do I keep singing the song in my head on a loop and an ear worm. This is my Boogie Board and I think it is going to be a very handy tool, rather than keeping getting a pen and pencil in my bag or saying can you repeat please. I just get this out and say can you write that down please.

It is like the old fashion etch a sketch. Invaluable and could be fun.

These are available from Hearing Link website where they have a variety of fabulous information, workshops and equipment.

I went on one of their link up workshops the other week. It was probably one of the best inspiring workshops I have ever been on since I lost my hearing.

Just sharing the stories and experiences and what you deal with every day, you realise you are not the only one and it was just a lovely atmosphere. I was talking about my hearing fatigue and how I have to have a 'Katrina Nap' nearly every day. It became the stuff of legends and will now be used in the course. We laughed so much and it was invaluable and inspiration. Although the course is only as good as the people and the volunteers who attended the course. The volunteers were fabulous and I have signed up to be one when we gradually get out of lockdown.

I got some nifty stuff in this pack as well so will be wearing my wristband just

in-case it is required. The workshop was a valuable lesson again. We always think we are the only one experiencing these challenges but we are all the same.

I am actually loving this inspiring journey to find out what is out there. I am really enjoying writing this blog and hope you are too. Although I feel I need more humour. Much love x

Sorry not sorry if you are not singing Boogie Nights by Heatwave :)

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