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Bubble Wrapped

I am tempted to go on Dragon Den with a new invention. What I hear you cry.......... I need a suit made of bubble wrap.

Last year, I managed to break my foot and damage my hip ligaments by being run over by a 6 year old on a cycle. Okay, hands up who is laughing. He was biking on the path with his family and I was trying my best to have a sloooowww run.

One minute huffing and a puffing and then I got caught by surprise by the cyclist who brushed my leg and the next minute..... I realise I am completely in the hedge... The family ride off into the sunset. Well not literally as it was mid afternoon. But left me there to try and get myself out. The photo below could have been me. Actually, this is probably what I looked like.

I was quite gobsmacked that they never stopped. Part of the reason for the incident was of course. I didn't hear them behind. So I got myself out of the hedge and realised that oucch my hip hurts a bit... The next day ohhhh woucchchchch my hip hurts a lot. I then developed a nice bump of my foot. Stupidly, I didn't go to A and E and discovered much later that I had broke my foot. End of my running career and my chance of the Olympics (yeahhh rightttttt).

This leads me to my bubble wrap invention...... After that incident, I have also now been run over by a very fast mobility scooter. An elderly gentlemen who thought he was Lewis Hamilton going down the track at Brands Hatch!!! Honestly, you couldn't make it up.

Then close shaves with a DSB golf bugger delivery driver. A cyclist riding on the path again, who I think swore at me. I lip read the F... Off.

We now have the invention of e scooters and electric cars - all with no sound. How long before someone gets killed. I think it is only a matter of time. I love the environment but I worry about these new transport modes which don't take into account any person who can't jump like a Tigger. Nor have sight or hearing loss.

So I am off to Dragon Den with my invention. Makes you hot in Summer, cosy in the winter. But if you fall over you just explode a bit with a few bubble wrap pops..... What do you think?

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