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Invisible Man? Invisible Cloak no Invisible Disabilities

ITV have launched an Invisible Disabilities campaign and about time too. So sorry it is not about the Invisible Man, I use to love that show.

There was a great TV programme on ITV to back the campaign. Showing how people struggle with the lack of understanding and the rude comments you get.

ITV Invisible Disabilities | Supported by Scope

I've had some classics.... here some to name a few....

"The trouble with you... is you are not deaf... you just don't listen."
"You don't look deaf!" "You have eyes don't you"

It is often just a lack of understanding with a sprinkling of stupidity and rudeness.. One of these comments was actually from a trained disability advisor. Rolls eyes and shakes head. I've found that after having counselling, I have to deal with these with humour, explanation, patience... and just move on.

Hopefully, people will learn to understand and we can all be kind in the world.

I am going to continue to nag, so watch out guys..... I am on a mission and help me spread the word.

I realised this is quite a serious blog today, not up to my usual humour so I will leave you with a bit of Pooh Bear....

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