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Oh Bother Says Pooh

When you get your new hearing aids. It is starting like you have never experienced before.... You realise what you have missed. So I had a little cry. It was like being a bit like this dolphin splashing out into the bold new shiny world.

However, I know find out you need a little toolkit on your new hearing loss.

I experienced a huge amount of grief, bereavement. I had lost something that would never return. I don't think I realised how bad my hearing was. Then you have all this stuff going on in your ear. You are trying to sort out what the noises are, how you changed your batteries and I was extremely self conscious about my hearing aids.

I felt like I was walking around with a big sign over my head or one of those golf sale signs that people use to walk around in the high street.

Look at her she is wearing hearing aids!! Of course that is just really stupid and they are small, discrete and stop being a drama tigger!!

I started off okay and then the problems started. Working in an open plan office, with 100+ people, mobile phones, air conditioning, photocopying and sitting right in the middle of it all. My brain started to very slowly explode. I was feeling really

bad, suicidal, dizzy and not sure what was going. I was in a black hole and unable to get out.

I ended up going to the GP and being diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. I was completely shocked. Mrs happy go lucky couldn't have this. I had to take some time off as my brain was in a really bad state of breakdown. It needed to be rewired. So I started CBT which was okay but not the fix I needed.

I managed to go back to work and had a desk that was at the back in a corner. Perfect!! Then lockdown started and I was working at home but my brain still needed a little more care and attention. I decided to go on anti depressants and it enabled me to get my life back on track.....

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