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The Rose Effect

I'll admit I love Strictly Come Dancing, okay I have got that off my chest.

It got even better this year, when we faced another interesting year of Covid. The dancers were even more amazing with most or almost all not having any dance training. However there was one special person that has taken the world by storm and I just love her ......Rose Ayling-Ellis.

Who if I am totally honest, have not heard of before. Strictly Come Dancing's first deaf contestant and now she is in the grand final tonight and I will be voting for her. Her professional dancing partner Giovanni, found a fabulous way to teach her to dance.

Something, they fail to tell you when you wear hearing aids in later life is music may sound very odd and out of tune. It becomes an interesting experience, as you can't recognise short bursts. So I am rubbish at Pop Master or the Hit Squad. I have to put my brain into gear and listen to it in deep concentration and for a longer time.

Back to the Rose effect. The turning point I felt for her in the competition, was during the couple's choice when the music stopped for a few seconds. I must admit I was choked up. She has raised the profile and understanding of being Deaf/deaf/Hard of Hearing. There is a huge demand in people wanting to learn British Sign Language. However, it is a beautiful language but currently not many people can use it. I prefer lip reading as a tool to assist me in my every day life.

However, she is raising the profile and I love her for that. Come on Rose, you can win that glitterball.

The couple choice when

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