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Whooooh Hear We Go

I first started to notice my hearing wasn't up to scratch after a virus ten years ago. The little old virus nearly killed me and tried to attack my liver, lungs and hearing and just stopped short of my heart. I remember going to all the appropriate consultants and ended up in the heart clinic. I had a lovely consultant who was extremely worried about my blood pressure and just very funny. I remember saying to him.

"What would have happened if the virus had reached my heart" well, he replied. You would not been sitting here. That certainly told me!

So after sorting my bits of my bodies, the next thing

was my hearing. I went to the GP several times. But was never taken seriously....

So I started to think it was all my imagination... So on I plodded like this horse. Stop making a fuss with your one bad ear..

I kept getting told about my hearing.... So one day I thought, right that is enough..... and found myself at the local friendly private audiologist. Who was absolutely lovely.

I sat in the booth trying to work out if I had heard that bleep or not. Oh yes press it, press it again.... Then the results...

Oh dear, not one bad ear but two very bad ears. Severe hearing loss bordering profound... Oh pants! Oh dear and then my life would change to never being the same. In a pooh bear sort of adventure..

I ordered two hearing aids and then the adventure began..... and now the blog starts..

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